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Why Mobile Games Are Good for You, Sometimes

The debate about whether or not mobile games are good for you have been going strong since the first smartphone was released. A lot of people are under the impression that mobile games can cause many mental and physical problems, even with the lack of sufficient scientific evidence to prove such claims. Games can teach you many things from strategy to team cooperation and decision-making skills. You may get rewards like more clicks with Lazada voucher code for new customers and other offers exclusively for gamers. Dedicated gamers even earn money from playing. Gaming is not a bad thing after all.

The times are definitely changing, and while there is still not enough conclusive evidence to determine the actual physical and mental effects of mobile games, most researchers believe the some games can be good for you, sometimes. Here are some of the most important health benefits of playing mobile games.

Slow Down Aging


Everyone ages. Although getting older may have its perks, there are definitely inherent problems that are associate with it. Just like paying attention to your physical fitness will help you feel 50 even though you’re 60, playing mobile games can help your mental fitness in shape. A research conducted by the University of Iowa showed that seniors who play 10 hours of video and mobile games for a month or more have shown a significant decline in their rate of cognitive aging.

Improve Mood


Mobile games do not just uplift your mood when you emerge victorious from the challenges they offer, they also help you feel better about yourself and your abilities when you figure out how to get through a difficult level successfully. Gaming is a form of unwinding, even the kortingscode spartoo werkt niet can improve your mood more, knowing that you are getting special discounts on paid games online. Gaming is not bad when there's a balance between your gaming life and your personal life. Playing mobile games also helps keep anxiety at bay and serve as a great form of relaxation. Those who play mobile games find themselves happier and more relaxed.

Encourage Physical Exercise

Augmented reality games like the infamous Pokemon Go are great for people who are looking to combine their gaming experience with actual physical fitness. While you're trying to catch a pokemon, you unknowingly exercising. You are having fun and yet having a good exercise at the same time. Check out cheap hotels Amsterdam bij centraal station if you get tired. They have wifi too so you can relax while catching more. These types of game encourage people to explore the environment and walk more each day in order to advance through the levels. By engaging in these more physical form of activities, players are able to burn more calories, manage their weight better, and enjoy a healthier and more fit body.

Boost Cognitive Function

Playing mobile games in moderation can be actually good for your brain, according to some research studies. Puzzle brains, in particular, are quite beneficial for one’s cognitive functions.