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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you compute the scores for the games that you review?

To put it simply, any score we publish for a game is the weighted average of the scores for several aspects of the game including visuals, gameplay, character design, and many others.


Who writes your reviews?

Our team members do. However, we do accept submissions from contributors and other experts in the industry who have an interesting perspective or a great idea to share with our readers.


Is it possible for my kid to become addicted to mobile games?

Gaming is a hobby, similar to reading, listening to music or playing a sport. Like any other hobby, gamers can engage with what they are playing deeply and passionately. There is no conclusive research which demonstrates a clear link between gaming and addiction. Essentially, it is up to the individual playing the game and not the content or the medium being used. If you are concerned about a possible game addiction in your kid, we recommend consulting the proper medical authority to address his or her condition.


Are there any health concerns associated with mobile games?

Mobile games are often portrayed as a sedentary activity. However, certain studies show that some mobile games can have a positive effect on encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle. Mobile games, for instance, can help people nurture teamwork, dexterity, and strategic thinking.


Do the mobile games in your list take steps to verify a child’s age?

Some of them do. Other games in our list may also be targeted specifically for a particular age group. Profile creation helps our programmers on their research to improve our games. The glasvezel internet postcode check can be used to determine where our players are located. We do take extra measure to know more about our players specially about their age and their location, so most of games require a profile creation.


What are indie games?

Indie games are lesser known games or games that are developed by independent developers, or those that do not belong to large gaming corporations.